No cages, at your door, convenient, personalized care for your pet, sanitary, full service grooming, high quality products, no more leaving your pet in a cage at the groomer all day.

Why Mobile

Tangled Tails Mobile Grooming offers full service, quality pet grooming at your door when it is convenient for you.

"My life is filled with errands and deadlines. I LOVE that Tangled Tails Mobile Grooming comes to me because they not only help me keep on track with my job, they keep my pups clean and smelling good!"

Connie Rhoades, TAME Pet Magazine


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"I'm very picky about those who provide care for my fur baby. I have tried several groomers over the years. Emma (golden retriever) is always happy to see Cassie, which is one of the best ways to know you have a good groomer. She always comes back with fluffy, soft, and shiny hair. Emma has sensitive skin and she never has a problem after her groom with Cassie. She also still smells great even two weeks later."

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Tangled Tails Mobile Grooming

Tangled Tails is locally owned and operated in Springfield, MO by the Thomas family, Randy, Cassandra and their three boys, Drake, Colton, and Troy. We have been involved with animals since childhood. We also have three rescue dogs and a rescue cat that are just as much a part of the family as our human kids, so being animal lovers, it made sense for us to be in the pet industry.

Our three dogs are all rescues, each with their own unique story and lovable personality. For this reason, we support our local animal shelters and rescue organizations. We have organized, helped to organize pet adoption events, and we have worked closely with local shelters, rescues, and fosters to help our rescue pets find forever homes. Along with grooming, we have been training dogs for several years and have our CGC evaluators certificate. 

For the past few years, we have managed a state of the art facility dedicated to dogs and their well-being. We were intimately involved with canine nutrition, training, pet grooming, dog daycare, dog boarding, and hydro-therapy for dogs. Cassandra managed the grooming department and worked with the groomers to ensure the proper cut and owners instructions were followed. She worked to train several groomers and helped them develop their skills.

Randy was the hydro-therapist for the dogs and worked with them in the water to help regain mobility, exercise, or relax their joints and muscles as requested by a veterinarian. He built inventory for customers including nutritious pet food, healthy treats, and worked with customers to meet their pet needs. He also managed the maintenance of the facility and developed processes and procedures for the different areas. 

Tangled Tails was created after listening to so many pet parents struggle with their pets just to have them groomed. Whether it be scheduling conflicts, multiple pets, pets with disabilities or anxieties, or lack of quality grooming nearby, we are here to provide you and your pets with convenient, quality, affordable, and stress-free grooming at your door.


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"This is a wonderful service! Our beagle, Rusti, is a rescue and, I think because of that, she really does not like being kept in a cage and tends to get nervous in strange situations. Tangled Tails grooming is always cage free - in fact, the trailer does not even have a cage! As the only dog being bathed, she gets lots of individual attention. Cassie is so patient and so dog centered that Rusti is put completely at ease. And the trailer even has a window that she can look out of while being blown dry! Rusti comes out shiny clean, dry, fresh smelling, and - most important of all - happy!"