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Mobile Pet Grooming Services


When the fur in the house starts building up, it's time for a deshedding. Whether your dog needs its undercoat brushed out or if your dogs one of those that completely blows its coat, a deshedding treatment will greatly reduce the amount of fur your dog sheds.



Deluxe Spa

When you want to spoil your pet, the spa treatment pampers your pet with our 1 on 1 care and creates a positive grooming experience.

  • Clean hair and wax from ears
  • Clip or grind nails
  • Clean goop/tears from eyes
  • Sanitary trim
  • Brush teeth
  • Clean between paw pads
  • Brush out knots
  • Bath and warm water massage
  • Warm water rinse
  • Gentle blow dry by hand - no cages!
  • Brush and style fur, (Full groom for dogs under 35 lbs)
  • Light facial trim
  • Cologne
  • Breath freshening
  • Bow or Bandana and a treat

Breed Specific Cut

A breed specific cut is the specific cut to make your dog look like the dog you expect. Most of these dogs don't actually grow their fur the way you see them in shows. it is a pattern your groomer sets into the coat and maintains on a regular basis.

Specialty Cut

Specialty cuts are the pet owners specific instructions. Some owners prefer a custom pattern for their loved ones. With mixed breeds in particular, a lot of owners like to create a blend of traditional breed specific cuts to highlight their pets features. We will take the extra time to ensure we have your grooming instructions accurate.

Every pet is bathed in high quality soaps and conditioners appropriate for their specific coat or skin condition. You will notice that your pets fur/hair will feel softer, look more vibrant, and smell great. We only use professional grade tools and sanitize them after each use to maintain our high standard of cleanliness and to prevent the spread of illness or pests.

Summer Shave/Puppy Cut

A summer shave is typically a short shave all over the body, including the legs and face. A puppy cut is a longer shave, also all over the body, including the legs and face. Puppy cuts are not always specific to puppies.

Dirty Dog Special

When your dog just needs a bath and to be dried. They don't need their ears cleaned, nails clipped, or teeth brushed; simply put, just a bath.

Deskunking and tick removal are done on a case by case basis. Please call for more information.


When dogs hair becomes tangled, it is called a mat. Not only are mats unsightly, but they can become painful. We take the time necessary to reduce stress and ensure the dematting process is complete. In some cases, dematting may not be possible and the pet will need to be shaved. We will always consider the wellbeing and safety of your pet in severe dematting cases.

Tangled Tails Mobile Grooming offers full service, quality pet grooming at your door when it is convenient for you.

Specialty Services

Specialty services are billed at an hourly rate due to the length of time they can potentially incur. Specialty services may require an initial assessment. 

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