Tangled Tails Mobile Grooming



No more leaving the house to wrestle your dog to the groomer. We come to your door step. Walk out a dirty dog and welcome in a clean, happy dog.



We use only high quality soaps, conditioners, tools, and products. We cater to you and your pets needs as you need it.



We have no additional fees, no extra add-ons, and you are not at the mercy of your groomer to move on with your day.

Why Mobile?


Stress Free


We have no cages, no penned up dogs, no excessive barking, and no risky contact with other dogs to stress you or your dog out. 1 on 1 care for your pet.

We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


Our pets are important to us but we don't always have the time to have them regularly groomed at the salon. Whether your pet is difficult to get in the car, you have multiple pets, have a hard time taking time out of your day to get them to and from the groomer, or they are elderly, there are a thousand reasons in life that prevent us from getting our pets groomed regularly. With mobile grooming, there is no need for you or your pet to stress, we come to your door and the mess stays with us. 

Convenient | Quality | Affordable | Stress-Free

Mobile Pet Grooming Services

  • ​Our primary focus is YOUR pet. There are no other pets in the trailer while your pet is being worked on allowing us to focus 100% on your pets comfort and groom.
  • ​If you have multiple pets, GREAT! Your other pets will not be left in a cage to wait their turn. Instead, they are able to wait in the comfort of their home until it is their turn.
  • ​We do not use cages to dry your pet. All drying is done by hand with a specialized drier so your pets coat comes out fluffier and softer than cage driers.
  • ​Not only do we use warm, soothing fresh water to bathe your pet, we also have climate control inside to keep the ambient air temperature comfortable for pet.
  • ​Sanitization is key to preventing the spread of disease and pests. Unlike a grooming salon where sanitizing is typically done once a day, we sanitize our tools and trailer after each appointment.
  • ​There is no need for us to use your utilities and we DO NOT empty the used bath water in your driveway. Because we are 100% self sufficient, we can operate anywhere we have permission including your home, apartment, office, or even a park. We come to you.
  • ​​​Our furry customers deserve only the best so we use only high quality soaps, tools, and each pet is adorned with either a bow or bandana to complete their sPaw visit.​

Your pet deserves the best. Book your appointment with our experienced groomers today and discover how happy your pet can be.